The Ultimate Guide To MOT Checks

We all endure the nervous apprehension in the lead up to a car’s MOT test. Such a test can be likened to the motoring equivalent of a doctor’s check-up; a necessary evil. But we believe knowledge provides confidence. Therefore, Stuttgart has created this guide to provide you with the information and understanding surrounding this legal necessity. 

MOT Test Key Points:

  • The MOT is completed annually.
  • And they start once a car has been registered from new for three years.
  • The checks will thoroughly examine that your car is functioning safely.
  • The government has set a cap on the cost of MOTs (which is £54.85, but most garages charge substantially less). 
  • The Government has also set a free reminder service so that you’ll never forget to book your car in. 
  • The outcome of your MOT will define whether further work needs to be taken out, and the extent of this.
  • Driving with a failed MOT, or no MOT at all, will invalidate your insurance (not to mention present you with heavy financial penalties) should anything happen. 

What is an MOT Test?

With the focus on your car’s safety functions, the main elements that will be addressed are; wheels, tyres, steering, brakes, fuel system, lights, seat belts, body structure, windscreen wipers and the exhaust system. Though, there are dozens of checks that the mechanic may carry out. 

Ultimately, a decision will be made that determines the safety standard of your car and that it is in a roadworthy condition. Such outcomes are categorised by the following:

  • Pass; No further action required until the next MOT test.
  • Advisory/Minor Defects; Still legally drivable, but you should pay attention to the issue. It’s best that you rectify any advisory or minors promptly.
  • Major Defect; Your car is a risk to the safety of you, and others. However, the issue could be as simple as replacing a brake light bulb. 
  • Dangerous Defect; You must immediately rectify the issue, and you cannot drive until it has been passed. 

When Should you Book an MOT Test?

As aforementioned, MOT tests are necessary once a new car has been registered for three years. So, if a car was registered on 01/07/2019, its first MOT will be due on 01/07/2022. Signing up to the free reminder service provided by the Government will mean you will have less chance of forgetting the date of your first MOT!

You can also find out your MOT test date by the Government’s MOT History Checker. As a side note, this poses a fantastic tool for discovering a used car’s MOT history when you are in the process of purchasing. 

How Long is an MOT Test?

Generally, a test takes around 60 minutes (many garages boast this prowess). Garages are typically open from 9am-5pm, so if you work within these hours, it is recommended you drop your car off in the morning then pick it up later. This of course is whether your car is awarded a pass.

If your car suffers one of the less crucial results, it may be driven but only directly to a repair centre. If it suffers from a dangerous defect, then it will need to be fully fixed before it can be driven again. 

Get in MOTion with a Happy, Healthy Car

Finger’s crossed, you will drive away from an MOT testing centre with a fully healthy car and an inconsequential dent to your bank account. 

It is well worth mentioning, while an MOT provides a detailed analysis on your car’s safety, it does not reference other important components. The engine health, the state of the clutch or gearbox wear are additional responsibilities that fall on your shoulders.  

Thus, it is good to practise that you fulfil annual servicing for your car, and complete intermittent checks (tyre pressure, oil levels…) yourself throughout the year. By doing so, you are being proactive in swerving potentially more severe problems from progressing and costing a bombshell later. 

At Stuttgart, our staff are compiled by car enthusiasts and experts alike. We have a vast grasp on MOT criteria and our products and services reflect this. In fact, the addition of alloys has been proven to serve as a positive attribute to any car for their safety and economic benefits. It goes without saying, they look fantastic too. 

So for those considering a new set of wheels supplied by Stuttgart, take a look at our renowned collection, and for further assistance, get in contact!