The Top 4 Modern Classic Cars For Styling

As the motoring industry continues to move at a staggering pace we find a selection of cars best known as modern classics, these are cars that fall just on the hinges of the latest car design and technology whilst having a recognisable style that almost everyone feels like they know. Here are 4 modern classics that have some brilliant design potential.

Subaru Impreza WRX STI

The Subaru Impreza WRX STI was incredibly popular when first released, its racing pedigree allowed it to easily become on of the most recognisable on the roads. Its nature to be a performance vehicle means that it can easily pull off a range of third party customised parts. One that we think looks particularly good is a set of Stuttgart alloy wheels. The Stuttgart ST2’s give it the perfect style, mixing contemporary style whilst giving it a refined modern feel. All in all the modern classic which we know as the Subaru Impreza offers you brilliant possibilities within the realms of the modern classics scene.

Audi TT

The original Audi TT design can be described as unique and stand out although it’s not quite within the realms of classic just yet however it’s definitely sitting just on the edge of becoming a true classic. Its high profile bubble-like body has become iconic and therefore is perfectly set up to become one of the true classics of the car world. Pair the original TT with a set of Stuttgart ST9 alloy wheels and you have a stylish motor that has some serious character.

Porsche 944

The Porsche 944 isn’t one of the most glamorous out of the Porsche line up. However, what it loses its style in makes up for on its modern classic status. It comes at an absolute steal of a price for a car from such a prestigious car company. Not only that but it also offers you the brilliant potential for styling, there is a range of aftermarket accessories to add to your 944 after you purchase it, you can add everything from custom body kits all the way to engine enhancements and changes. However keeping it simple we like the Porsche 944 with a set of custom alloy wheels, a personal favourite of ours are the Stuttgart STX’s. Just like the Porsche 944 we perfectly list these wheels as future classics.

Ford Capri

You can tell the Capri is just at the edges of being a classic, within the last couple of years their prices have almost doubled, showing that the demand for the up and coming classic is quite obviously there. This future classic is sure to be one in demand, its style is nothing jaw dropping, however, add a set of Stuttgart ST5’s and you have a true modern classic with some serious characteristic style.