Hottest Hatchbacks Of 2016

With 2016 slowly but surely coming to a close, we have rounded up some of the best performing hatchbacks so far, with some seriously fast hot hatches coming into view this year there has unquestionably been some competition for the staple hatchbacks. Here are 5 of the best standout Hot Hatchbacks of the year.

Volkswagen Golf GTI

This is the car that truly started the hot hatch craze, just over four decades ago now. It remains to this day one of the key cars representing the ever growing hot hatch scene. A combination of brilliant styling, smooth handling and excellent power capabilities makes it a recipe for success for anyone looking for a short and sweet performance vehicle. The amazing benefits do not stop there, for a hot hatch it is surprisingly spacious and unlike other performance cars, doesn’t cost much at all to run. What makes the Volkswagen Golf GTI brilliant is its ability to suit a variety of modifications, one of the best fit is a set of alloy wheels. There are a variety of wheels that not only fit the Golf but take it to a whole new level of style.

One of our personal favourites is the RIVIERA RV 199 alloys, they offer distinctive style for any vehicle, giving your car a premium modern look.

Peugeot 308 GTi

When looking at the 308 compared to the rest of the cars mentioned, you might be a bit bewildered as to how it made the list. For example looking at the power of the hatches, they are all knocking at the door of 300 bhp or passed it. When you compare that to the Peugeot’s 266 bhp rating you might think it loses some serious ground on its competitors, all I would say is don’t let those stats put you off. The 308 GTI can easily make 0-62 in 6 seconds flat incredible to pull off a top speed of 130 mph, as you can imagine this makes it a serious rival for the rest of the hot hatch competition out there.

Many agree that the 308 comes to its own in the realm of style, its chassis is fairly unique, offering a different look that also has a variety of driving benefits for the driver. You could say that out of all of the hatchbacks we have seen this year this might have one of the smoothest ride experiences out there.

SEAT Leon Cupra 290

The rapid Seat Leon Cupra 290 offers some of the best value for money in the hatchback scene. Offering a 0-62mph time of 5.6 seconds meaning it is quite the fastest out there. However, the stats on paper do not dictate the experience of actually driving the vehicle. For a front wheel drive car it is labelled as relatively rapid of the blocks. In fact, it is that surprising that there might be more power involved than SEAT are letting up. Although it does fall behind its more powerful competitors, it offers a more loosened up experience.

Audi RS3

The Audi RS3 is a real package of a hatchback, it has previously thronged the title of the most powerful hot hatchback on the market, narrowly topped by the A45 AMG from Mercedes. In this case, we have to put stats aside to show what a brilliant vehicle the RS3 can be. Unlike some of the other hatchbacks, we have listed the Audi RS3 takes full advantage of four wheels drive and a twin-clutch gearbox allowing it to become a formidable off-road machine. Its ample power allows you to have some fun in a vehicle that on the surface would look far more dull, making 0-60 in 4.3 seconds shows you just how much you can achieve. Combine its speed performance and four-wheel drive ability, and you have a motor that has some seriously brilliant handling ability and a bit of room to explore with its unchained power.

Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG

Few other hot hatchbacks can live up to the incredible pedigree of the A45 AMG. Much like the Audi RS3, it combines incredible power and four wheel drive ability to give you a hot hatch that can outperform in all departments. With the A45 Amg, you combine that brilliant performance and capacity with the superb build quality and exceptional design to have a truly unique vehicle. It can achieve a 0-62mph sprint quickly within 4.2 seconds allowing it just to edge the RS3 as the best performing on our list.

Combine the Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG with a set of premium alloy wheels such as the RIVIERA RV 136 and you have the combination of brilliant performance, exceptional modern style and superb quality from Mercedes.